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  • Favorites
    Superhero: Iron Man
    Sports Team: Ohio State
    TV Show/Series: Seal Team
    Local Restaurant/Coffee Shop: Mission BBQ, Artisan Coffee
  • About
    Hobbies: Spending time with family, Online gaming, Fishing, Getting to know other business owners
    Pets: June Bug, Audrey, Dixie, Lucy and Jack (5 Cats)
    Something on Your Bucket List: Sail the Caribbean
    Craziest Fact You Know: If you lift your right foot and spin it clockwise and at the same time draw a 6 in the air with your right hand- your foot will start spinning counter-clockwise.
    Somewhere You’d Love to Travel: The Caribbean

Tim Conley

Tim started Conley Exteriors in 2019 after growing up working in his family’s roofing business. His original plan was to focus on home maintenance and cleaning services that he could perform by himself, but life had other plans. This year we have hired our fourth full-time crew member, and are excited about the prospect of adding even more as we grow! Tim lives in Mogadore with his wife Tricia, who handles the day-to-day office work for Conley Exteriors, and two children Garrett and Jordan.

Sales & Customer Relations
Josh Howard

Josh Howard

If you’ve ever contacted Conley Exteriors for a project, then you’ve already met Josh! He is in charge of all of our sales and customer relations. Josh was Conley Exteriors’ first employee, and has used his previous experience in sales and construction to build relationships and keep in contact with our customers throughout every step of their project. He and his wife Rebeckah live in Ravenna with their son Elias.

  • Favorites
    Superhero: Captain America
    Sports Team: Ohio State
    TV Show/Series: Seinfeld
    Local Restaurant/Coffee Shop: Over Easy in Kent, Restoration 44 Coffee in Mantua
  • About
    Hobbies: Outdoor activities, board games, firearms, motorcycles
    Pets: Carmella (toy Australian Shepard) and Diego (Papillion/Pomeranian mix)
    Something on Your Bucket List: Own a couple acres in the country
    Somewhere You’d Love to Travel: Australia
    Hidden Talents: So hidden I can’t find them. :)
  • Favorites
    Superhero: Thor
    Sports Team: Chicago Bulls, Indianapolis Colts
    TV Show/Series: The Office
    Local Restaurant/Coffee Shop: Bent Tree Coffee, Mike’s Place in Kent
  • About
    Hobbies: basketball, guns, worship music, and dessert
    Pets: Titan (a German Shepherd, Lab, and Border Collie mix) and Freya (a purebred German Shepherd)
    Something on Your Bucket List: Travel to Greece/ New Zealand
    Craziest Fact You Know: A turkey can drown if it looks up in the rain
    Hidden Talents: Redneck ingenuity

Production Manager
Ryan Bachman


Ryan is our production manager and the leader of our gutter crew. His passion for teaching others and building new things makes him the perfect fit for training new field techs. He is also in charge of scheduling jobs and keeps our gutter projects running smoothly no matter what challenges or surprises our crew may find when they get into a new job. He and his wife Abbie live in Ravenna and spend their weekends working with the teenagers at their church.

Crew Member
Chris Stamatis

We are happy to welcome Chris to the team full-time this year! Chris had subbed for us part-time while working as a painter in the past, but will be working with us this year full-time with our siding crew. The attention to detail that he perfected as a painter is a valuable addition to our team. He and his wife Adileny live in Rootstown and will be welcoming a baby girl in the spring!

  • Favorites
    Superhero: Captain America
    Sports Team: Ohio Statue University Buckeyes
    TV Show/Series: Firefly, The Expanse
    Local Restaurant/Coffee Shop: Chipotle
  • About
    Hobbies: Guns, Knives, Video Games
    Pets: Luna and Bellatrix (cats), Halley (dog)
    Somewhere You’d Love to Travel: Alaska
    Hidden Talents: I used to bite Monster cans.
    *Conspiracy Nut Aliens are Real. Bigfoot is Real.
  • Favorites
    Random Food Combination: Mustard Sandwiches with Swiss Cheese
    Local Restaurant/Coffee Shop: Texas De Brazil
  • About
    Hobbies: Work, Fishing, Wood working, Live music, Youth Group at Church
    Pets: Mikey ( a dog)
    Something on Your Bucket List: Building and Orphanage- Take a missions trip, take a boat down the Ohio river
    Somewhere You’d Love to Travel: Trinidad
    Hidden Talents: Piano, Drums

Crew Member
Dave Yost

Dave started working with us to help with a siding installation project we will be completing this year for a local condo association. However, his business experience as well as his ability to think outside the box has been put use on many other projects throughout the past year. He is always willing to jump on any problem to help find the best solution! He and his wife Dawn live in Ravenna.